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Video Trailer of Shadow Self

Shadow Self (video 2004/2005)

Finn recording keys for Path Of Darkness (2004)

Finn recording keys for Ecstasy Arise. Showing a variety of techniques to perform the compositions. (2004)

Finn recording keys for Shadow Self (2004)

Finn recording solo for Shadow Self. Another technique (2004)

Finn talking about and demonstrating some of his keyboard techniques (2004)

Kelly recording vocals pt.1 (2004)

Kelly recording vocals pt.2 (2004)

Finn producing (2004)

Anders "Exo" recording rhythm guitar (2004)

Anders "Exo" recording lead guitar (2004)

Anders "Devillian" soundcheck before recording bass (2004)

Tomas recording drums and working out drum patterns with Finn for Perfect Dark (1999)

Tomas recording drums and working out drum patterns with Finn for Perfect Dark. This song is legendary. It was written in 1994. The song just didn't want to be recorded. Not 1 but 2 times all of the symphonic classical instrumentation (over 100 tracks) had to be re-recorded because of 2 computer breakdowns. The rockinstrumentation was then recorded on 2 x 24 track analog recorders. Because of the change of seasons from winther to summer the tapes had expanded/contracted and didn't run synchronously together. The rockinstrumentation was then dived, moved to a harddisk recorder edited and then moved to a computersystem where it was put back to pieces except the drums. The drums was finally recorded in 1999. (This is the only song from TDHOF that wasn't recorded in the same set as the other songs 2000/2001) Believe it or not another computer crash happened during the recordings of TDHOF (2 other tracks - all vocal recording got lost because 2 harddisks including a backup harddisk crashed) so the vocal recordings for Perfect Dark was delayed. At last as the last thing of TDHOF the vocals was recorded and Perfect Dark was finally a reality. (1999)

Tomas recording drums for Perfect Dark (1999)

Tomas recording drums for Perfect Dark. Viewed from the engineering room - illustrating Finn conducting and Tomas tight playing. Also a demonstration of how Tomas, Finn & Tommy can communicate with each other live during and after the recordings. And last but not least capturing the moments of Beyond Twilight's way of recording TDHOF by recording the drums as the last instrument. (1999)

Jorn recording vocals for Crying and Shadowland. This video clip also gives you an "inside" view. The process of writing the lyrics for TDHOF, the recordings + Finn engineering and producing and Jorn performing. (2001)

The ending of the drum recordings from Perfect Dark onto The Black Manifeste another inside view. The Black Manifeste was released as bonus track for Twilight. Finn working in the studio, Finn and Tommy mixing, listening sessions, worksheets of several hundred tracks, keyboard solo and some fun stuff. (1999)