Release Date April 21st + 10 Year Anniversary

February 22, 2006

200(6) - a special year for Beyond Twilight'ers. The release date for The Love Of Art And The Making is set for April 21st. Be sure to expect the most unique piece of music in the bands history. One ongoing composition containing 43 sections. The sections are all pieces of a puzzle, which you, the listener can put together to find the secrets of this complex and ambitious work. The album have a meaning/lifeline from start to end but if you set your cd player on shuffle new doors to the meaning of the album will open for you. To be able to understand the dephts and complexity of the album you'll have to listen to it more than a few times. Further to the news the band state: "We are extremely proud of this album! And we couldn't find a better way to manifeste our 10 year anniversary".

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