Studio Update - Mixing Sessions

January 22, 2006

Finn is currently working in Jailhouse Studio with the fabulous sound wizzard Tommy Hansen. BT is entering the final stage of the mixing sessions. The recordings have once again taken place in 3 different studios. Once again in Hansen Studios were super producer Jacob Hansen has done outstanding work (now expanded to 2 studios). In Zierler's Dungeon and in Jailhouse Studio B where Finn once again has been producing. Mixing a 40 minute long composition with hundreds of tracks is close to mission impossible. Definitely the most comprehensive production in the bands history. But Tommy Hansen is the man for it showing why he is one of the most respected producers in metal. The new Protools in Jailhouse Studios is like a musician's paradise. Handling a production of this size takes extreme skill and equipment - Tommy and his new gear in Studio A are making it possible.

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