Beyond Twilight Nominations Around The World

November 5, 2005

2005 has surely turned out to be a great year :-) Beyond Twilight have been nominated at awardshows, magazines, webzines and in some medias already voted as:

Album Of The Year
Album Of The Month
Album Of The Week
Best Production
Best Video
Best Album Cover

Beyond Twilight has been honoured in Denmark, Germany, France, England, Brasil, Holland, Australia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Norway & Finland.

Considering that Beyond Twilight is not a media band the band is to say the least more than surprised and honoured about the positive reactions. It's no secret that Beyond Twilight is a controversial band that don't follow trends or the way the wind blows. Unlike many other bands Beyond Twilight DO NOT have anyone hired to promote them or spread out news about their activities. Section X speaks for itself :-)

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