The Recordings Of Metal Instrumentation

October 16, 2005

In just 6 days basically the entire metal orchestration was recorded. The band met up and worked ongoing getting only a few of hours a sleep a day. Everybody in the band have become more or less ill now because of these insane sessions but the result is truly amazing and couldn't have been created in any other way. "We are all astonished of what we have accomplished in this short amount of time without rehearsals - we pushed ourselves through the extremes and made it". Be sure to be in for a treat. Another full lenght album was written and will be finished recorded. That's 2 full lenghts in 1 year. The new compositions are not just an album. It is one ongoing composition - a symphony/rockopera which is devided into different sections. A unique piece of art consisting of among other things central compositions composed and played backwards and fully packed with Beyond Twilight details. Stay tuned....

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