The Writings For The Upcoming Release Finished

October 8, 2005

In just 3 weeks Finn has finished the writings for a complete symphony. Working intensively day and night Finn has created what will be the most complex and personal writings in the history of Beyond Twilight. Not only writing a complete symphony but also recording all of the keyboards and classical orchestrations and arrangements on top of this - probably the most far out project done by him. At first the idea was to do an EP with cover tracks but the time was just not right for it. Still supposed to do an EP Finn wrote 2 tracks for it but decided to trash them and the idea of doing an EP. He had too much to get off his chest in the wake of what has happened recently. He wants to tell in music instead of words what is going on in his mind. So there you go a complete symphony - something very unique and special to look forward to for any Beyond Twilight fan. The recordings of the metal orchestrations will start tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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