End Of Story With Jorn

September 7, 2005

We are astonished that some medias publish Jorn's new false made up stories and outrageous lies. It is in fact a journalist's job to investigate statements like these when it is obvious fraud. We do not consider these medias to be professional and we do not respect these medias. We will not ever talk to these medias. We don't have the time or the desire to babysit Jorn and his ongoing circus. But we would like once and for all to manifeste with a sledgehammer that Section X is written by Finn Zierler and Beyond Twilight.

We have proven it on documented papers, recorded tapes, cds, dvds and videotapes. We have witnesses from other bands like Circus Maximus who was there during the vocal recordings + over 20 other people (managers, producers etc.) But the perfect proof is that we have proven we have all the copyrights. Is that proof enough for you? Well it doesn't get any clearer than that. And to make and end of this circus - ALL PROOF IS AVAILABLE THROUGH PUBLIC SOURCES FOR ANYONE! SO WOULD YOU PLEASE CHECK IT YOURSELVES AND STOP THE GOSSIP AND THE INSANITY!

Margaret Thatcher is a kleptomaniac. Jorn is a notorious liar. Think! He has changed his statement about 16 times by now but still he is not man enough to admit he lied. Not even once. On top of that several interviews with Jorn before Section X reveals that he is in fact lying about everything. Trying to steal credit from us is as low as it gets. Making up new lies is even worse. He must be really sorry not to be in the band anymore. Let's move on. We won't get as low as Jorn and join his war or media circus. We - like most others - don't pay too much attention to his ego and we are not in this to get publicity like Jorn. We however speak through our music and you got something coming. Finn has started the writings for the recordings which has been set already for October. Be sure to keep an eye out for this!

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