Jorn Has Resigned His Statement

August 20, 2005

After changing statements and stories several times to Jorn has now resigned his statement completely. At first Jorn said he was sticking to everything he said in the interview. Changing it in the next email to that he had NEVER said that he wrote all the material for the Beyond Twilight album claiming it must be a misunderstanding. told Jorn that they could prove they were speaking the truth they had the whole interview on computer. Jorn said exactly the words he was quoted for. If he didn't believe (or himself for that matter) they would make a copy of the interview and send it on a cd to both Jorn and Beyond Twilight. Jorn was not interested in that now telling that it was not his intention to take credit for all the musical work in Beyond Twilight. At last asking to get the part with Beyond Twilight removed from the interview. Nothing Jorn said in the interview regarding Beyond Twilight was true. His statement regarding Beyond Twilight has been removed from the interview at

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