August 13, 2005

We have received a clear statement in writing from Suzanne Smaling the jorunalist who did the interview Quote: "I guarantee you that I have quoted Jorn right."

So there you have it. No misunderstanding.

We are shocked about Jorn. And it has been really sad to withness how it just spread like wildfire through the medias.

Let's stick tho the facts.

All songs of Section X is copyrighted musical works. It is all documented. All our rights are protected world wide.

We all hope that Jorn will step forward to clean up all the mess and damage he has caused.

Jorn has still not replied - he seems to have left the earth.

2 days ago Finn mailed to Roland Grapow (Jorn's bandmate in Masterplan) writing that we've been trying to get in touch with Jorn without getting any reply. Finn asked if Roland would forward the mail to Jorn? Roland responded kindly that he was sorry to hear about the problem with Jorn when he read that interview with him. That he honestly couldn't imagine Jorn writing all our stuff, like he said. He hoped it was a misunderstanding of the interviewer. He would forward our mail to Jorn hoping Jorn would step forward explaining.

We are not interested in a war with Jorn and we hope that this will be cleared out piecefully. But this matter is so serious and has caused so much damage that we have to take action on this. We can't just sit here watching Jorn taking all the credit for our work and watch how a lie of this league is spreading in all the medias.

Beyond Twilight

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