The Biggest Lie In Music History

August 10, 2005

In an interview on Jorn Lande claim that he has written ALL of the songs on Section X. This is for sure the biggest lie in music history! Mark these words. Jorn has not written one single composition of music on Section X. Nor has he written the lyrics or the song melodies for Section X. We are extremely upset and angry about this major lie but at the same time this is almost humoristic. We have mailed to both and Jorn Lande to find out wether this was a journalist error, gossip and/or if Jorn have been quoted right? Or wether Jorn is spreading these surreal sick stories? So who is responsible for this statement? Mario van Dooren assures that Suzanne Smaling who did the interview quoted Jorn's actual words. We have not heard from Jorn Lande - he has not replied. But we will go all the way to court if we have to getting these harmful and utterly untrue sad lies placed on who ever made them up.

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