The storybook of "The Devil's Hall Of Fame" is that of a twisted story taking place and moving in four dimensions.

It deals with the personality of a human being, hacking his way through a computer into his own mind. All the things he experiences on this journey are found deep in his sub conscience.

Someone has implanted a chip in his brain and he realizes that some of the files are corrupted while others are missing. By hacking deeper into his own brain he slowly recaptures bits and pieces of his lost memory and the man commences on an adventurous trip through time.

He relives past & future situations of his life; such as his own funeral - without being dead, falling in and out of love with the same female through different ages of time, they meet several times through out the story, experiencing passion, anxiety, fear, anger and pain. He finds the secret key to the strongest and most passionate love of human nature in sadomasochism. He as the S, she as the M. And together they live out their most intense dreams. They are drawn to each other.

Another piece of the storybook is concentrated about philosophy and religion. Could religion just be philosophy? Could religion be something that mankind has invented to get the basic human need, "something to believe in", covered? Since the early beginning mankind believed in the Gods of Sun, the Gods of Rain etc. History and science has taught us that without strong believe, something to hold on to, mankind would most probably be instinct. At the same time we're all aware that there is more between Heaven and Earth than we know of. There are so many things that science just can't explain. Is there a God? Is religion philosophy, fiction or reality? Are there more realities? Which reality is for real?

He starts wondering if everything we are surrounded about just might be one big illusion? Is it created by other intelligent beings of whom the man himself is one - are we of another life form, is everything controlled by machines, has technology taken over, are computers leading us all ... He slowly begin to see reality differently then the rest of the civilization. He wonders how important material goods are to people and how trendy it is to be stressed. It's has almost become a law. There's no time to care about anything else than oneself. It's all like one big robot ant society - 24/7/365. Why is everybody acting like this? Everybody is following the norms and rules. Why don't they stop for a minute and think?

What is the truth? As he travels deeper into his own mind more and more obscure things turn up. He finds the secret key to the truth at last and at the same time he finds out that the truth is self-destructive. When he tells the truth to other people they instantly die. He now realizes that he is alone - completely alone. But how can he as the only one hold the secret key to the truth - yet knowing it and not die?

This is a quick run-down of the lyrical concept of the album - there is many more details to be found in the lyrics. It's a storybook transcending borders of reality, personal experiences and fiction. Or is it really fiction? See if you get the hang of it.