A very wise man has mapped the human brain. He discovers that humans only use one third of the brains capacity. He not only unlocks its secrets but also how to transfer a persons thoughts, dreams and visions to the unused portion of the brain.

He proceeds to create a clone of himself. He is able to control it through the use of a drug of his own invention. The clone is addicted to the drug and will die unless it receives it regularly.

Through his experiments, the man transfers the contents of Einsteins brain into the clones brain. The knowledge of the clone is now a compilation of two individuals.

The man can experience the knowledge of the clone in virtual reality via a machine in his lab. All the wisdom of the clone can now be transferred back to himself. What he doesn't know is that because of the experiment, his own brain develops exactly at the same rate and in 99% the same manner as that of the clone.

He becomes obsessed by his thirst for knowledge and embarks upon stealing parts of the minds of prominent people. He can transform himself into being the greatest musician in the world, the best politician, anything - a superhuman with incredible powers who can control the world.

Soon he discovers that both his and the clones powers and skills are rising. A gigantic power struggle emerges between himself and the clone.

He acquires a taste for evil, which he sees as the purest and most beautiful thing in the world. It festers inside him - he becomes sinister, affected and evil. While doping the clone, his lust for power and superiority dominates him.

He begins taking over peoples bodies, controlling their minds to manipulate them like puppets - he can experience their lives and knowledge through or with them. Hearing through their ears, seeing through their eyes until he leaves them - then they drop dead. He becomes obsessed by his skills and begins exploring female sexuality - overtaking bodies of women. Eventually he returns to life as a man.

He finally meets his soul mate where he finds the 6th key of life in sadomasochism - the perfection of love, sexuality and perversion.

Realizing that his clone has become too powerful a threat, he devises a plot to eliminate it.

In a sťance (disguised in the body of a woman), he seduces and murders the clone. Instantly his life begins to crumble away, he drowns in oceans of terrible pain, travelling through the forecourts of Hell. He realizes too late that humans can not exist without a soul. He dies the most painful death any human being has ever been exposed to. At last he falls into the nothingness ...