The new album - For The Love Of Art And The Making is one ongoing composition containing 43 sections. It is 1 track of about 40 minutes.

The concept is abstract and at times almost surreal. It deals with the larger things in life. Such as life, death, love, the very essence of being dishonest, lies, sin, the essence of truth, the essence of creating, art, theft, moral values, bdsm, freedom, sadness, joy, anger, every possible emotions humans have, human nature. But most and foreall the concept deals with the passion for composing, creating, art and the essence that is music.

The composition is unique in different ways. It is one ongoing composition - a symphony/metal opera with a concept you could call it but it is not really covering the essense of it. The composition is devided into different sections/orchestrations fully packed with Beyond Twilight details both musically and lyrically. Here's a few examples. Try counting how many times "In The Eyes Of My Soul" is introduced and how. Another "key piece" - "The Black Box Of Reverse" - note "Sleeping Beauty" is composed backwards. But not restricted to backwards as composition. The melodyline is composed and played backwards. The bassline is composed and played backwards as if it was recorded backwards. There's a quite a difference of playing composed and recorded backwards. This is a mix between both in one composition. A mathematical challenge but also deep in the essence of composing and of the very soul of music if you analyse it closer. Another key piece "Past The Magic" is compositions containing compositions in the compositions made of rhytmic laughter. If you analyse the music and lyrics you'll find many more details. The music includes several hundreds tracks and the complexity is beyond anything we've ever released. You can say many things with words but you can say so much more with music.

The concept is compounded by 43 sections and 3 hidden sections. The sections are (pieces of a puzzle). Lyrics and music both play important roles. Each section has it's own life/story and every section is a brick of the whole puzzle. Depending on in which order you listen to the pieces of the puzzle you'll get a new picture of For The Love Of Art And The Making. So you can really understand this piece of work in numerous different ways. It's up to you how you gather the puzzle.

"It is a great joy musically for us all to release this album and it pleases us personally in many ways. This album is most and foreall for our fans and for ourselves. It is not exactly something for easy-listeners - it is deep - very deep. You will have to give it quite a few spins in the cd player to get the understanding of the dephts of this unique album. Enjoy!"


1. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement) 0.00-0.49 min.
2. Creep Evil 0.49-1.48 min.
3. Sleeping Beauty – The Journey 1.48-3.18 min.
4. Purity 3.18-5.06 min.
5. Sleeping Beauty – Connected 5.06-6.34 min.
6. Tongue Angel 6.34-7.56 min.
7. I Moved 7.56-9.23 min.
8. Blackened In My Eyes 9.23-11.37 min.
9. Temptations 11.37-11.56 min.
10. Fiery Woman 11.56-12.34 min.
11. Sweet Irony 12.34-12.56 min.
12. Conversation Of The Dead 12.56-13.12 min.
13. The Perfect Heart 13.12-14.11 min.
14. The Perfect Heart Part II – Think 14.11-14.47 min.
15. The Key – Imagine 14.47-14.56 min.
16. The Perfect Heart Part III (modulated Instrumental) 14.56-15.24 min.
17. The Black Widow 15.24-15.51 min.
18. The Key Part II – Naked Truth 15.51-16.01 min.
19. The Kiss Of The Wind 16.01-16.19 min.
20. Dark Wild Rage 16.19-19.00 min.
21. Temptations Part II – Return (modulated) 19.00-19.12 min.
22. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings 19.12-20.30 min. 23. Cold As Blue 20.30-21.02 min.
24. The Awakening 21.02-21.24 min.
25. Cold As Blue – Like A Candle You Start To Drip 21.24-21.47 min.
26. Bilingues Cavendi. One Should Beware Of The Double-tongued 21.47-21.56 min.
27. The Awakening Part II – The smile 21.56-22.15 min.
28. The Awakening Part III – Opening The Curtains To A Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching The Singing Birds 22.15-22.35 min.
29. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement Modulated With Irony) 22.35-22.55 min.
30. Past The Magic 22.55-24.08 min.
31. Past The Magic Part II (Rhythmic Laughter) 24.08-25.21 min.
32. Nightwandering On Needles 25.21-25.41 min.
33. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony) 25.41-26.00 min.
34. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement)26.00-27.03 min.
35. 6 Seconds Past 6 27.03-28.23 min.
36. Organ Scientistic Formula (1) 28.23-31.23 min.
37. Nightwandering On Needles Part II – The Answer 31.23-31.47 min.
38. 6 Black Roses - Ship Of Rowing Slaves 31.47-32.52 min.
39. Autumn Fog Message 32.52-34.26 min.
40. Sleeping Beauty Returns - The Black Box Of Reverse (Forward) 34.26-34.48 min.
41. The Black Box of Reverse 34.48-35.58 min.
42. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Third Movement) 35.58-36.31 min.
43. In The Eyes Of My Soul – For The Love Of Art And The Making (Finale) 36.31-37.52 min.


1. Be Careful It's My Head Too
2. The Path Of Darkness
3. Shadow Self
4. Sleeping Beauty
5. The Dark Side
6. Portrait F In Dark Waters
7. Ecstasy Arise
8. Section X

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Europe: Massacre Records
France: Replica Records
Russia: Art Music Group
South America: Hellion Records
USA: Nightmare Records

Recorded at: Jailhouse Studios, Hansen Studios, Zierler's Dungeon
Mixed & Mastered at: Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Produced by: Finn Zierler
Mixed by: Tommy Hansen & Finn Zierler
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
Artwork by: Mattias Norιn/Progart
Layout by: Claus Jensen


1. Hellfire
2. Godless & Wicked
3. Shadowland
4. The Devil's Waltz
5. Crying
6. The Devil's Hall Of Fame
7. Closing The Circle
8. Perfect Dark

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Europe: Massacre Records
Russia: Art Music Group
South America: Hellion Records
Romania: Rocris Disc (casette tape only)

Recorded at: Jailhouse, Hitworks & Zierler Studios, Denmark
Mixed & Mastered at: Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Mastered at: Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Produced & Mixed by: Hitworks, Finn Zierler & Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
Artwork & Layout by: Robert Sindermann

Recorded 1996 - printed in limited copies in 1999 - Promo CD

1. Rage
2. Lurking Fantasia
3. Jewels In The Dark
4. Eyes
5. The Carousel Of Life
6. Requiem

For promotional use only

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Finn Zierler
Artwork & Layout by: Erik Pauner & Finn Zierler