TOMAS FRED…N - drums

Name: Tomas Fredťn

Birthday: December 25, 1964

Equipment: My beautiful piano-black PEARL kit. 10"12"13"14"16" tom-tom, 2x22" kick drum, 14"x 6,5" free floating snare and SABIAN cymbals

Favorite bands: RUSH, Black Sabbath, The Sweet, Queen, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, U.K., Dalbello, Kate Bush and many more. Some heavy stuff I'm listening to: Meshuggah, Notre Dame, and Invocator and more

Movies: The Godfather Trilogy, Pulp, Wild At Heart, The Omen Trilogy, Taxidriver, The Shining

Actor: Jack Nicholson, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage, Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Juliette Lewis

Interests: Icehockey and motorsports, I eat, drink and sleep MUSIC in any style or form there is

TV shows: News and documentaries, Seinfeld and Simpsons

Books: Handbooks mostly. Otherwise anything written by John Grisham such "the firm", "pelican brief", "the chamber"

Food: Swedish food and asian

Drinks: A lot of everything

My position in the band is behind the drum-kit, and has been so since 1993. I got a phone-call from Finn who asked me if I was interested in joining the group "Twilight" for a recording-session, and that turned out to be the great album "Eye For And Eye" which Iím still very proud of having been part of. But since then Iíve done lots of other stuff besides the group, such as educating myself in the 1-year program "Percussion Institute of Technology" which took place on Musicians Institute in Hollywood C.A. 1994-95. That is probably the best thing Iíve done for my developing behind the drums and as an experience in life - to live 1Ĺ year in Hollywood when you are used to a much colder climate, which we have here in Sweden. When I came back from U.S. I decided to settle down in Gothenburg where Iím (still) living with my girlfriend, cat and drums. Gothenburg is near enough to my birthplace (SkŲvde) and to Denmark where I have to go when Beyond Twilight is calling. I began playing "for real" in a band called "Master Massive" 1988. Iíve also been in a group called "Destiny" for a short time in 1998. I hope we are doing gigs close to you (fans) so we can meet up and talk, as Iím very keen on meeting my music friends. My Values in life: Treat people as you wanna be treated yourself Ö Keep On Rockin' Ö Cheers Ö Tomas.