FINN ZIERLER - keyboards

Name: Finn Zierler

Birthday: March 29, 1972

Equipment: Piano, keyboards, samplers & synthesizers

Favorite bands: Meshuggah, Metallica until the black album, Slayer, Faith No More, Mike Patton, Sting, Tori Amos, BjŲrk, Pantera, Mats & Morgan

Movies: The history of O, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Godfather

Actor: Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro

Interests: Music, it, art, travel, sports

TV shows: Monty Pyton, Casper & Mandrilaftalen - I rarely watch tv

Books: I rarely read books

Food: Pasta dishes, Spicy food, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Danish

Drinks: Carlsberg, Gin & Tonic - Bombay Sapphire, Absinthe

I started playing at the age of 6 Ė my first instrument was the accordion. Music is my whole life Ė itís everything I live and breathe for. I come out of a musical family and from the early years I travelled and toured with my parents and performed alone at concerts on the organ. At the age of 8 I did my first big concert playing in front of 5000 people. When I was a child my parents discovered that I had a gift of hearing. My dad could be practicing at pieces of music for hours. When he was finished I stepped up to the piano and played the stuff he had been practicing only after a few minutes. I started composing at the age of 11. Mostly I turned the sound off the TV and began composing to the pictures I saw. I loved composing like this. At this age I started getting into raw and extreme metal. Iíve never listened to a lot of records with keyboards. Iíve always been more into heavy music. As a matter of fact I donít own too many albums with keyboards. Itís quite bizarre Ė I think most keyboards are really soft and wimpy - especially in metal. I donít like that shit. I wrote my first classical symphony at the age of 12, and began concentrating more and more about developing my own skills and techniques on the keyboard, synth and piano as well as developing my own style as a songwriter. This included my own notation system. When I was a teenager my love of music was so explicit that my dad had to force me away from my instrument and carry me to school. This happened a lot until he gave up. For more than two years I tried to gather a metal band in Denmark, but without any luck. I decided to try in Sweden instead. At the age of 18 I travelled from one end of Sweden to the other before I finally found the musicians for my band. At the age of 20 I recorded my first album with Twilight. After the release of the debut I suddenly began winning prices as best keyboard player/songwriter. Iím not much of a media person Ė I prefer living in the dark. Since then Iíve worked as producer and arranger on a number of other productions. I think Iíve been very privileged, working with talented musicians all my life. The Beyond Twilight members mean everything to me. I thank life every day for the existence of music, for the fans supporting us and for people understanding it. Without music there would be nothing.