ANDERS EXO KRAGH - lead guitars

Name: Anders Exo Kragh

Birthday: January 16, 1976

Equipment: Yamaha SG 400, Ibanez Flying-V, ESP 7-string, all equipped with Seymour Duncan "Jeff Beck" humbuckers. Marshall Valvestate 8010 and Plexi tops. Marshall cabinets

Movies: The Sorcerer, Runaway Train, Höstsonaten, The Thomas Crown Affair

Actor: Paul Newman, Steve Macqueen and Klaus Kinski

TV shows: Animal Hospital, TV Somaliland

Books: Riverton, Dürrenmatt, Lovecraft and Hesse

Food: Meat

Drinks: Danish Beer

I was born in 1976 in Karlsborg, Sweden. I started playing electric and classical guitar at the age of eight, and at the same time starting up the "metal" band Fuzzbox. I studied the classical guitar, parallel to playing in many heavy metal bands such as Conspiracy, Leifs Hyvel, Kajarr, Master Massive and Klokus, before joining up with Finn in 96'. Since then I’ve been part of the Beyond Twilight line-up. In 1998 I relocated to Stockholm to start studying the baroque lute and the theorbo at the Royal College of Music. I am now a full time freelance musician for the lute, playing all over the globe in different orchestras, as well as doing solo recitals.