Name: Anders Devillian Lindgrén

Birthday: December 8

Equipment: Rickenbacker 4001, Fender Precision, Ibanez SD 900, Fender showman amplifier

Actor: Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special agent Dale Cooper in Twin peaks, Kjell Bergkvist

TV shows: Twin peaks, That 70´s show, Varuhuset

Food: Swedish Husmanskost, snus

Drinks: Beer, whiskey, milk, coffee

I started playing the piano at the public school of music at age 9. I kept attending the lessons for a couple of years before losing interest in doing the homework. I didn’t care much for playing boring little tunes written on a peace of paper. I found it much more rewarding to write my own songs. Of course they were bad as Hell but hey, I had written them myself. I was 12 years old when I bought my first electric guitar. A year later I made some new friends that were about to start up a band. Just by owning a guitar I got to become a member. Somehow, every rehearsal ended in a fight and it became customary for me to declare my resignation from the band. The next day in school we’d all be friends and talked about our next rehearsal. One day, after my usual parting with the band, I found that the guys had already recruited a new guitar player. They said that if I still wanted to be in the band I could play the bass. I didn’t know anything about playing the bass, but of course I wanted to be in the band so I said yes. In those days, there were many outstanding bands in Falköping (my hometown). One of them was “Leif’s hyvel”. They played a really progressive and complex type of music. They had an extremely good guitarist, called “Exo”(Anders Kragh). He was from another town and was a bit mysterious. I remember the first time I saw him play. He was wearing a gasmask so that no one in the audience could tell who he was. This band was one of the reasons why I began practicing real hard to become a good musician. A couple of years later Anders and I became friends. He was doing studio work for a band in Denmark called “Twilight”. He played the recordings for me and I was blown away. It sounded great. It turned out that the band needed a bass player so I tagged along for an audition. There you have it folks. That’s how I ended up in the band, and that’s why you had to read all this boring crap about my life.