Name: Björn Jansson

Birthday: July 23,

Equipment: Röde NTK, Focusrite Platinum Voice Master Pro

Favorite bands: Kings X, Symphony X, Masterplan, soundgarden, AC/DC to name a few

Movies: Lord of the ring trilogy and anything with Jim Carrey

Actor: Gary Oldman and Jim Carrey

Interests: Music, Hockey, Movies and Party-on dude

TV shows: Lost

Books: Don’t read much

Food: Thai, Italian and Swedish

Drinks: Beer

Born and raised in Stockholm, I started to play the guitar at age 12, then swapped the guitar against bass for a couple of years. Then at the time our drummer quit the band and I started to play the drums for 2-3 years. During that time I was always a singer when ever the band needed one. It wasn’t until the age of 18 when I became a full time singer in the bands that I’ve played with around Europe and did different album releases with. I mostly had bands together with my brother who is a guitar-player, and we hooked up with M-production who was in contact with Finn and one thing lead to another, so here I am.